Lučine is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year

Author of the article: , published July 30, 2013.


The mountain speed race in Lučine will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year. It was first run on the route from Todraž to Lučin in 2005, and a year later two races were organized on it. Today it is considered one of the largest motoring events in Slovenia, and the interesting track attracts many domestic and foreign racers every year.

This year, the organizers expect more applications from neighboring Croatia, as the match will also be considered the Croatian national championship.

With the race in Lučine, the season of Slovenian mountain speed races begins, and in three weeks another spectacular race in Ilirska Bistrica will follow, and the third and last one will be in Gorjanci in the first half of September.

Despite the fact that it is the shortest of all three tracks, it is visited every year by many racing fans, who are expected to see a new record on the 3950 meter long track this year, if the wishes of the organizer AMD Zvezda are fulfilled.

The current record of two minutes, four seconds and 17 hundredths was set last year by Italian Denny Zardo.


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