Lowe isn't coming after all?

Author of the article: , published March 16, 2013.


Toto Wolf, Mercedes ’sporting boss, has revealed that the arrival of Paddy Low in the 2014 season has not yet been confirmed, as there are expected to be complications in determining the role Lowe would play at Mercedes. McLarn has confirmed that Lowe is leaving the team at the end of this season, but Mercedes has not yet confirmed the expected arrival.

Ross Brawn confirmed in tests in Jerez that Lowe would join the team if he left on his own, hinting that Lowe would become team boss. But sources inside Mercedes say there is a possibility that Lowe and Brawn will both stay and work alongside Bob Bell, Aldo Costa and Geoff Willis.

“The situation is not perfect,” Wolff admitted. “We talked about it and decided that Ross would remain the head of the team. Ross leads it and so it will remain. The 2013 season has not yet begun. We work well together and the atmosphere in the team is good. The possible arrival of Paddy Low is so far away that it doesn’t even make sense to discuss him right now.

It is too early to say that he will come. It is a complicated process. Some things need to be discussed. Paddy is a good man, it's just about how to include someone in the organization, so no agreement has been reached yet. "

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