Lotus stopped debuting new tires

Author of the article: , published on June 7, 2013.


Eric Boullier has placed an insurmountable hurdle to Pirelli’s tire fitter’s plans to offer new tires to Formula One teams. Pirelli had planned to use the new tires already in Canada, but the debut of the new tires was then postponed to the UK Grand Prix in Silverstone. But Boullier, head of the Lotus team, said: “There will be no new tires in England either. Pirelli will test the new tires, but if they want to replace the tires, they have to get the consent of all the teams and they will not get it. ”

Boullier said lobbying the Red Bull and Mercedes teams would not change that fact. “The rules are the same for everyone. We tested the current tires last year in Brazil. It is an important part of the technical and sporting aspect of this season, so I see no reason to allow changes during the season. ”

Sebastian Vettel, however, insists that new tires should be introduced already in Canada, from a safety point of view. "Neither is overly safe, is it?" said the current champion when he was explained the difference between a flat tire and a tire from which the tread peels off. “I don’t want to dramatize, but in the case of Felipe Massa, we’ve all seen what can happen if a flying object hits a racer. I wouldn't want a flying rubber coat to hit me in the head. ”

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