Lotus trucks are now on their way to Monza

Author of the article: , published September 2, 2015.

At Lotus, they have faced short-term liabilities to this day, but today it is finally clear that they are going to Monza. The owners of the team, a financial holding company, are awaiting Renault’s confirmation of a potential takeover. Renault intends to buy most of the bonds, as they want to return to Formula 1 as a factory team. At Renault, at least from a financial point of view, not everything is clear yet.

Given what is happening to the French in the takeover, the owners, the investors in the Enston team, have decided to stop investing at the moment. This meant that many bills remained unsettled. Even Bernie Ecclestone told The Times he helped pay off the team: “I want to help people who work. I hope that they will soon find common ground with Renault to rectify the situation. ”

It got complicated even before the Hungarian race, where Pirelli did not want to supply tires due to unpaid bills. They also had problems in Belgium, as they wanted to seize their trucks. Lotus' boss has found a compromise in the short term, which is why they will perform at least in Monza, hoping for an agreement with Renault. Renault also plans to equip the Toro Rosso and Red Bull with its engines in 2016.

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