Lotus was too slow to win

Author of the article: , published April 21, 2013

Kimi Raikkonen doubts he could win the race in Bahrain today, even if he started it from a better starting position. “Overall, we weren’t fast enough to compete with Red Bull this weekend,” Raikkonen said. “We could have finished a little higher yesterday, but we couldn’t compete with Red Bull. Today's achievement is very good. We got a lot of points and we didn't lose a lot against Seb. ”

The Finn revealed that Lotus already knew on Friday that the two-stop tactic was the best option. “Yesterday’s achievement wasn’t exactly ideal, but we were already planning two stops at the race on Friday. The tactic worked out well today. We gained a lot of places. The start of the race was not the best, nor was the first and second laps. But after that, the car was getting better and I was able to start driving faster, ”said Raikkonen, who remains in second place in the overall standings after today's race, 10 points behind leader Sebastian Vettl.

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