Lotus aims for a better qualifying form

Author of the article: , published on May 18, 2013.

Lotus is not resting at all, as they are already announcing new improvements and updates to the car for the upcoming Monaco racing weekend. This time, the team is focusing most of its efforts on a better qualifying form, as they want to be at the very top, and they do not want to repeat last year's mistake.

Racing chief operating officer Alan Permane thus believes that a better race awaits them this year: “It’s no secret that we want to improve on qualifying. It is certainly no secret that we did a good job, as we already occupied the first starting line in China, and in Spain we were less than a tenth of a second behind the leading Mercedes. Of course, I can’t say that our qualifying form is excellent, but the fact is that we are among the fastest. Tires and their wear are a lot of questions for everyone, and we all have to work hard on that and, above all, make sure that we set up the car well for the qualifications and at the same time for the race. "

In Monaco, Lotus will use a new modified rear wing, which is supposed to provide additional compressive force. They are also supposed to use a highly modified bottom of the car. Because of these changes, Permane is confident of success: “We believe we will be able to make the car updates successful. Our race car has worked well on all the tracks so far and so there is no reason not to in Monaco. So I am convinced that we will be very strong, if not the strongest, in Monte Carlo. "

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