Lorenzo denied moving to Ducati

Author of the article: , published January 18, 2014.

Jorge Lorenzo claims he will not be moving to Ducati in the 2015 season, as reported by Spanish media. They state that Lorenzo has already made a deal. "When you're fast and you win races, all the major manufacturers want you in their ranks, which is perfectly normal," he explained. “There is no truth in the rumors that I signed a contract with another manufacturer, as I would like to start negotiating the contract with Yamaha as soon as possible. After finishing working with Yamaha, I want to end my career. If we have a better engine this year, it will be so much easier. ”

Lorenzo has set a goal this season to snatch the title from the hands of Marco Marquez, who won the championship in his first season. “This season my expectations are very high. During the winter break, I underwent surgery to remove the metal plate from my shoulder, making me a little lighter, even though I was getting a little thinner during Christmas. I train at full speed and try to get rid of extra pounds, because I want to start the season as well as last year. I immediately want to step on the podium for the winners. This will be important if I want to score enough points and become confident throughout the season.

Competitors are relentless, but if we have improved in a few areas, then we have a good opportunity for a new title, ”added Lorenzo.

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