Lorenzo won the legal battle

Author of the article: , published January 5, 2023.

Jorge Lorenzo has won his legal battle against the Spanish tax authorities. They demanded payment of over 11 million euros from him. 7,8 million euros due to his income in 2016 and a fine of 3,6 million euros.

The court found that the tax authorities could not prove that Lorenzo's residence in 2016 was in Spain. As he defended himself, he lived in Switzerland at the time. He was shown to have spent 168 days in Spain that year, down from 183 days. It is a limit above which the payment of taxes is mandatory.

For Lorenzo, this is the second court victory, after he had to pay as much as 2021 million euros in 35 due to his income between 2013 and 2015. Even then, he managed to prove that he had a residence in Switzerland during that period.

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Kevin Brinovsek
10 months ago

Because a thief

Darka Secularka
10 months ago

Bankrupt on lawyers

Mirko Žuran
10 months ago

He will take them with him

Klemen Bela
10 months ago

Kevin Brinovsek I don't understand the comment.. dec earned max in these years of racing. 60 million In two lawsuits, the state demanded 46 million from him. In percentage terms, this is just under 77% of everything he earned. You will earn approx. 500 thousand euros in your whole life, but would you be willing to give the state 385 thousand euros just for tax?
I'm not a fan of Lorenzo, but the comment is really stupid.

Kevin Brinovsek
10 months ago

Klemen Bela, you are stupid