Loeba will no longer be back on Pikes Peak

Author of the article: , published July 1, 2013.

Sebastien Loeb said he would not return to the Pikes Peak mountain speed race next year where he would try to improve his record. The Frenchman set a time of 208 minutes and 1 seconds behind the wheel of a Peugeot 6 T8 13.878, which is more than a minute and a half better than the previous record, and the nine-time world champion says he will not be back due to danger in the race. "Honestly, we didn't talk about performing again. I really enjoyed it here, but we’ll wait to see how things unfold and who tries to improve the record. The feeling is amazing, but the risks are very high. ”

Former record holder Rhys Millen, who also improved on his previous record on Sunday but was 49 seconds slower than Loeb, believes the Frenchman’s time is unattainable. “They were invincible. Their time is simply amazing. When will they improve it? Maybe never… ”

A simulation done at Peugeot showed that the ascent would be done in eight minutes and fifteen seconds, so two seconds better than Loeb’s time. “The car has as much vacuum as the Le Mans series cars, and the acceleration is better than the Formula One car. When the landscape whizzes past you, it feels like you’re driving a rally, ”Loeb said. “The race car shoots out of the corners like a cannon. There are steep precipices on each side of the track, and so much effort and money has been put into the program that you can’t afford to make mistakes. The race consists of 20 kilometers of risks, ”he added.

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