Loeb: I’m sorry for the viewers

Author of the article: , published on October 6, 2013.

Sebastien Loeb apologized to the home spectators and fans, who could not see him at the farewell performance at the World Cup rally, after a mistake that forced him to say goodbye to the rally early.

After a good kilometer of Sunday's first speed test, the Frenchman lost control of the car in a fast right turn and overturned it.

On the stages in the village of Oberhoffen, where the nine-time world champion grew up, and Haugenau, where he was born, more than ten thousand spectators gathered in anticipation of the Frenchman, but they did not see the Citroen racer in the DS3 race car. But just so they wouldn’t be completely disappointed with the farewell, Loeb drove across the hp Haugenau in a convertible and greeted everyone together.

“I’m not exactly happy, but I’m not fighting for the title, so I don’t need points. I felt more sorry for the spectators who waited for me in vain, ”said Loeb.

“I went to the test at full throttle. We fought for the victory, but it didn't go according to plan, ”Seb explained. “It took the back of my car. We spun around and ended up in a ditch. I would definitely rather finish on the podium at this rally, ”he added.

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