Liber with a new record to win in Lučine

Author of the article: , published on August 12, 2018.

A new record was set at the Mountain Speed ​​Race in Lučine! He is credited with Federico Liber, who with his prototype Gloria G8P Evo completed the almost four-kilometer route from Todraž to Lučin in 1: 59,39, with a final average speed of 119,85 km / h.

“In the second run, I used tires that had better grip. The set of tires I used in the first run had a slightly worse grip on the road the day before due to the rain, I was slipping. Maybe I could drive even a little faster, but I'm still very happy with the time, "commented the record of the nice Italian and answered the question of what was the main factor for the exceptional time on the ridges to Lučin.

The second in the overall ranking was the Czech Vaclav Janik in the Norma M20F, and the third place went to the best Slovenian Vladimir Stankovič in the Dallara T2. As expected, a hard fight was also fought for the highest places in the national championship, the most desirable laurels were taken home by Milan Bubnič from Lancia Delta.

How do the organizers comment on the new track record? “We have been waiting for him for quite some time. This year, thanks to an exceptional Italian, we only succeeded. We achieved what we wanted, but now we have a new challenge ahead of us - to try to extend the course and in the future to carry out the race for the European Championship, which is the highest rank, "said Klemen Trček, president of AMD Zvezda, organizer of the automotive spectacle.

After the event, the Mayor of Gorenja vas-Poljane Milan Čadež said that with AMD Zvezda they take the mountain speed race to a higher level every year, but there are still quite a few possibilities for development: “We are aware that we can offer spectators even more , we are mainly looking in the direction of installing large screens for monitoring rides on individual attractive sections. The track is without a doubt already excellent, it offers everything that drivers need. "

That both spectators and the organizers of the motoring holiday were enthusiastic about the new time of the course is, of course, needless to discuss. The loud applause that echoed as he slowly drove back to the pits drew a wide smile on everyone’s lips, especially the fast Italian.

Access to the most interesting locations from the track was made easier for spectators this year by two buses that drove all day from the start to the finish of the race. "It's a great event, I can really confirm that. Although I come here every year only for the company of my husband, fast cars are also a feast for women's eyes, "said one of the spectators along the track.

"Racers spend two minutes or a little more on the route from Todraž to Lučin, and we spend practically the whole year organizing the race," said Primož Tavčar, president of the organizing committee, at the opening of the event, describing a difficult task in one sentence. with an established team undoubtedly a piece.

The list of registered drivers came in favor of the racing spectacle - almost 100 of them came from Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Croatia and some other countries.

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