Lewis: "I wasted my best years at McLarn!"

Author of the article: , published on June 20, 2013.


Lewis Hamilton got in touch with Ron Dennis as an aspiring card player and since then the McLaren team has considered him their own. After a few years of breaking through the lower categories of racing, the Briton was soon given the opportunity to perform in the royal class of motorsport. Already in his first season, he almost became a world champion, but in the second he also succeeded. But Hamilton believes he wasted his best years with the McLaren team.

“I got into Formula One and almost won in the first season, then I won in the second. But I haven’t had a competing race car since. The race car is very important to simply waste your best years. Time is running out. Five years have passed since winning the title. When I was in the lower categories I won the championship every year, or at least every other. A lot of racers haven’t won the championship, so I’m grateful to have one, even though one is much less prestigious because there are so many champions. You are special now if you have two or three or four titles. ”

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