Lewis will be able to keep the trophies

Author of the article: , published March 12, 2013.

Lewis Hamilton revealed that when signing a contract with Mercedes, he also demanded that he keep all his helmets and trophies won. He was not allowed to do that at McLarn and the Briton said it made him very angry. “My helmets are soaked with my sweat, blood and tears, so I want to keep them,” Hamilton was emotional. “I will be able to keep them here at Mercedes, as well as all the trophies I will win,” added the 2008 season champion, who says he will probably open a museum in the future to display his trophies.

The former McLaren racer, however, once again touched on the issue of the atmosphere in the team. “I come from a team where they wanted to have everything under control. There, the environment is very controlled and limited to the point that you have to do and say what they tell you, ”he said, adding that towards the end of the 2012 season he felt very relaxed, knowing at the time that he was leaving McLaren. "I was able to relax and show the shows I had."

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