Author of the article: , published on December 4, 2020.

George Russell there will be a racing weekend VN Sakhir pri Mercedes replaced the world champion Lewis Hamilton, which tested positive for coronavirus. Russell competed in the junior categories with some of today’s Formula 1 counterparts, such as Charles Leclerc, Land Norris in Alex Albon. During the spring break, he played games on portals with them Twitch.

Leclerc has already tasted victory in Formula 1, Norris in Albon and the taste of champagne on the podium, but Russell, who is a race for Williams, has not scored a single point. Russell he pointed out that he did not expect any performance in the Mercedes, and competitors say he will be very good on the track. “This is an amazing opportunity for George, I have known him for many years. We were teammates in 2011 in karting. Now he finally has a chance to race in a top race car for a top team, I don’t know how long, one or maybe two races. I think this weekend will show how good a racer he is. I expect at least the podium, although I hope for his victory. This is very optimistic, but I know it is very good. I would bet on victory,”So Charles Leclerc, racer Ferrari.

George Russell’s younger racing colleagues are betting that the Briton could even win a Sakhir GP race in a Mercedes race car this Sunday.

"We're good friends, we understand each other well, and it's nice to see a friend get a chance to sit in a car like that,He said Lando Norris, racer McLaren. "He has to step into the big shoes of the seven-time world champion, I wish him all the best, it will definitely be a big challenge for him. I think he can win pole position and even achieve victory. I think Mercedes may have a smaller advantage this weekend than the others, so he joined the team at a less favorable time. It won’t be easy for him, but I know how good a racer he is and that’s why I expect big things."

Alex Albon, team racer Red Bull Racing, and added: "I'm excited for him. I think he will show everyone what he can do. This is very exciting for the younger generation and I have no doubt at all that George will do a very good job."       

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