Kyalami is set to host the Formula 1 race again

Author of the article: , published April 12, 2022

Kyalami could once again host Formula 1 races in the near future.

Securing the race in Africa is set to be a priority for Liberty Media in the next period, after expanding its influence to the Middle East in recent years with races in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In addition, they added two more in the home area (Vegas and Miami).

At best, Formula 1 cars could drive around Kyalami in 2024. The last time they roared on the track was in 1993.

Before that, the racetrack has to make some updates and gain the status of 1. This is the only way it can host a Formula 1 race.

In the past, Stefano Domenicali has repeatedly expressed his desire for Formula 1 to return to Africa.

"Apart from racing in America and China, there is also the possibility of the sport returning to Africa," the Italian told reporters in March.

"There is a lot of interest in Formula 1 from their side. In addition, this is a geographical area in which we are not currently present. "

There has also been a lot of talk lately about the second race in China, but due to the poor epidemiological picture there, the race in Shanghai also seems to be in question.

This problem, however, should allow Kyalami to appear on the Formula 1 calendar soon.

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