Kubica threatened to leave the rally

Author of the article: , published on June 22, 2013.



Robert Kubica has threatened rally organizers in Italy that he will leave the event if he is not allowed to go on stage two minutes behind the race cars in front of him. The Pole set the ultimatum at the end of the first day, although he led by more than a minute in the WRC2 standings.

Only the WRC racers started the speed tests two minutes apart, and Kubica was angry because he had to stop the car between individual HPs due to dust. "If I had to start the stages with a minute's gap, then I wouldn't even show up at the start," said Kubica. “It just doesn’t make sense to risk your life for it. When I raced in Formula One, the FIA ​​took great care of safety, but what I see here disappointed me. No one seems to care about the racers.

It’s not just about the racers. When we found ourselves 20 seconds behind Sepp Wiegand on the test, the spectators stood on the track as they didn’t expect us, nor did they see us. We need to address this as soon as possible, because something can happen if we do not take action. "

Rally organizers acted in full compliance with the rules at one-minute intervals.

Photos: Andre Lavadinho

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