"Donuts" will be allowed to the winner this year

Author of the article: , published on February 17, 2014.

The FIA ​​has updated its sports rules and confirmed a number of changes for this season. One is the introduction of a five-second penalty, for minor offenses that the penalized racer will be able to serve at the start of his first scheduled stop after the penalty is awarded, but before the mechanics are allowed to touch the car.

“The driver must stop at the tire change station for at least five seconds before he can return to the race, but he can decide that if there are no new scheduled stops in the plan, he will not serve the penalty in the pits. In this case, a five-second penalty is added to his final race time, ”they wrote in the rules, adding,“ While a boxer is serving a penalty, his race car must be at a standstill for at least five seconds before mechanics can change tires. ”

They should also prevent cases where racers in the "honorary" lap after the race stopped their car to provide enough fuel in the tank for mandatory analysis. Although there are expected to be fewer such cases this year, as each car has a strictly metered amount of fuel that it is allowed to use for the race. A new racer must not stop at or on the track unless he has a good explanation, such as a car breakdown.

According to the new law, mechanics working on race cars in pits must also wear protective helmets at qualifications, not just at races.

An interesting novelty in the tests, however, is the green light on the back of the car, which is operated by a novice racer who does not have a super license. “Race cars driven by racers without a super license must have a green light installed on the rear, which must be on at all times when the car is on the track,” the rules state. This should make it easier for more experienced racers to identify the less experienced ones.

Finally, they touched on the rules regarding "donuts" or spinning with a car in place. Surprisingly, they decided that the winning racer does not have to follow the rule that he must return to the parc ferme immediately after the race, but can celebrate the victory if he does not endanger other racers or security guards along the track. However, this should not call into question the legality of the car, nor should the ceremonial awarding of trophies be delayed because of its celebration.

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