Are the commissioners on Ferrari's side?

Author of the article: , published on November 4, 2013.


As reported, Ferrari racer Fernando Alonso avoided any penalty for overtaking Jean-Eric Vergen off the track at the race in Abu Dhabi.

Before the start of the race weekend, the FIA ​​warned all racers that any off-track driving would be severely penalized, but the Spaniard, who overtook Vergno by driving into the excursion zone and eventually finished the race in fifth place, went unpunished. , although according to many he broke two rules as he practically cut the inside of the fast bend, which according to the agreement of the racers is considered an acquired advantage, and at the same time drove outside the boundaries of the track. It all looked like this:


The decision of the commissioners is even more controversial due to a similar incident that happened at the race in Hungary. Lotus racer Romain Grosjean drove side by side with Ferrari racer Felipe Massa in one of the corners. This did not leave him much space at the exit of the bend and the Frenchman had to drive to the outside, completely across the track, at least as much as Alonso in the example above:

But surprisingly, Grosjean received a penalty for driving through the pits for his actions - driving off the track (which is awarded after the race in the event of an offense in the last 5 laps of the race, in the form of a 25-second mark-up to the racer's final time). In this situation, the commissioners should almost punish Massa, as the rule came into force this year that a racer must always leave enough space for another racer so that he does not have to drive off the track.

It should be noted that Adrian Sutil also avoided the penalty for driving off the track.

Whether it's a coincidence, a bad day for commissioners, or something else, judge for yourself.

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