Kobayashi: Renault will pick up

Author of the article: , published January 31, 2014.

Caterham racer Kamui Kobayashi believes in Renault, which has a lot of problems at the beginning of this year's pre-season testing. The French engine fitter of the Caterham, Toro Rosso and Red Bull teams has driven a total of 151 laps in the last four test days with the mentioned teams in Spain (Mercedes, for example, 875, or Ferrari 444).

Nevertheless, Kobayashi does not despair over the French, as he believes that they will recover quickly: “I am not worried about their initial form. They’ve been doing the best job in recent years, which is why I’m not really worried about my current form. Even before they came for testing, they knew it would be so, as they were late for plans. They still have a lot of work to do, but they know what to do, which is why we can expect a big step forward in Bahrain. "

So already in Bahrain, teams with Renault engines are supposed to be more satisfied, but does that mean they are now four test days behind? Kamui says, “We missed a lot of test miles. Caterham did the most miles of all Renault engines, but that’s far too little if we look at the other teams. We are lagging behind, but hopefully not too far. "

Caterham with 76 laps, Toro Rosso with 54 laps and Red Bull with 21 laps driven in the first tests, really isn’t much. In fact, it’s not worth mentioning at all. The aforementioned keips drove so many laps that they did practically only the introductory laps and perhaps checked the basic operations of the race cars. Meanwhile, the competition has already started to improve the race cars, while also collecting a large amount of important data. For Bahrain race cars equipped with Renault engines, a large list of tasks awaits, but nothing is impossible and nothing is lost, as the season is still far away, and this one will be long, and testing is of course limited.

Photos: Caterham

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