Klemen Trček is returning to Slovenian asphalt in Gorjanci after eight years

GHD Gorjanci: Klemen Trček is returning to Slovenian asphalt after an eight-year break
Author of the article: , published on June 13, 2019.

Klemen Trček bought a MG ZR 105 car before the season and started the season this year at the race in Rechberg (Austria), where he achieved an excellent 3rd place in Division 1, after a break of 8 years.

He continued the season at the race in Stubičke Toplice (Croatia), where everything already smelled like new podiums, followed by a mistake in the last run and a trip from the track and turning, this mistake took the podium and eventually took 6th place in Division 1.

The third race of the season, however, was the GHD Verzegnis (Italy), where he stepped up his time from run to run and eventually finished 4th in his division.

Already this weekend we are going to the mountain speed race in Gorjanci, both for the driver and for the car, this race will be for the first time in the career for Klemen Trček as in the previous three races. He will compete in the MG ZR 105 race car, with which he will compete in all mountain speed races for the national championship this year.

“After three races after an eight-year break, I fell back into the racing rhythm. With the race car, we get to know each other better and become friends from race to race. I am looking forward to the upcoming GHD Gorjanci race, as I am returning to the Slovenian asphalt after 2011 after the introductory mini series of races abroad. We are going to GHD Gorjance with the team with the desire to gain new racing kilometers and in anticipation of the fights for the highest places in Division 1, ”he said.

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