Kimi's problems accumulate, Alonso aims for "Taurus"

Author of the article: , published April 19, 2014

After reaching fifth place in the qualifiers for the Chinese Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso said he might be able to challenge Sebastian Vettl and Daniel Ricciard in the race. “I feel very good,” Alonso explained. “The car was better than in Bahrain, and the new parts of the car we have here work well.

We realize it’s not enough, but it’s a start. Starting the race in fifth place is a good result. I hope we manage to keep that spot in the first few laps of the race and then follow the lead.

In Bahrain, we fought for ninth and tenth place, which is not enough. I hope we can now fight for something more points. We know that Mercedes are out of reach, but we hope that we will not be very far behind Red Bull. ”

Kimi Raikkonen was eliminated with a second Ferrari in the second half of qualifying and will start the race in eleventh place. “The last two days have been very difficult. We already had technical problems yesterday, and this morning we also drove only one lap. Still, the car fits me better. Unfortunately, in the second part of the qualifications in the fast lap, I lost a lot of time in the last sector, which led me to drop out before the final.

The race car was very unpredictable as it was stable on some parts of the track and not on others. I had some problems with the balance of the car, which had a negative impact on my achievement. It’s too early to know what went wrong, but it certainly didn’t help that we lost so much time yesterday. Now I will focus on the race and try to finish this weekend with a solid result, ”said Finec.

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