Kimi: You’ll probably never see me in a racing paddock again

Author of the article: , published January 9, 2022.

Kimi Raikkonen admitted that he really enjoys racing retirement and that he is not at all interested in returning to racing paddock. The Finn took his last Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi last December and then, together with his wife Minttu and his children, left the venue and thus Formula 1. This ended a successful career as a racer with a 20-year break. .

Now he wants to dedicate himself completely to his family, who have been deprived of him all this time because of sports. As the Finn said Formula 1 several times last year, he will not miss the media.

"Time will tell," Kimi said when asked if and how much he will miss Formula One.

“Racing was the only thing that made me happy so I might never step into a racing paddock again. Formula 1 has never been my life. Other things have always been more important to me. That will not change even now. "

“I didn’t stop because I wouldn’t have the power anymore, but because I can do better things than sitting in a plane and being in a hotel. I'm glad it's over. The fact that I didn't finish the last race doesn't mean anything to me either. "

He is not thinking about the future

So what the Finn will do in the future is therefore unknown. He is currently completely committed to his family and is not considering a possible endurance race.

"I do not know what I will do. Kids want a dog. We'll see how it goes, maybe it'll be enough to be home alone. I look forward to the rest the most. The holidays will now be in the true sense of the word. A summer break lasting two to three weeks is not what you would think. You have to train all the time and you have in mind that you will be back soon. That won't happen now. "