Kimi will stay because of the competing race car

Author of the article: , published on May 7, 2013.

Lotus owner Gerard Lopez is confident that Kimi Raikkonen will remain on his team if it continues to offer him a competitive car. Finch’s contract with Lotus expires at the end of this season, so many other teams, including Red Bull, are interested in his services.

“Kimi is a fantastic man,” Lopez said. “He is very grateful to us for helping him get to where he is. We, however, are very grateful that he has brought our team to its current position. We got along great. I’m sure Kimi will stay with us if we continue to offer him what he wants, both in terms of a competitive race car and other things.

He is aware, and he has also confided in us, that he cannot get what he has with us anywhere else. Whether the car is blue, red or silver. But that, too, is part of dicking. We need to provide him with a good race car. Now he has one and as long as he has it, he will stay with us, ”Lopez is convinced.

Raikkonen has won twice since his return to the Formula One caravan in 2012 with Lotus, and is currently second in the championship standings, just ten points behind leader Sebastian Vettl. Lopez says he never doubted Raikkonen was able to show such form after returning from the rally world, despite the fact that his choice of racing team was followed by many with a degree of skepticism, especially at the expense of Finch's public image. very relaxed. “We had eleven candidates to choose from last season. Outwardly, Kimi was by far not the most obvious candidate, except for us, ”he said. “We are very proud to have chosen it, as we were one hundred percent convinced that it has all the necessary qualities. I talked to him and I knew what I was getting into. I knew there wouldn’t be someone sitting in the race car filming commercials every week. This is also not something we want. But we knew we would get a real dedicated racer. ”

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