Kavecz in Čabar for hair in front of Bubnič

Author of the article: , published July 19, 2015.

Hungarian Istvan Kavecz, who competes with the BMW M3 under a Croatian license, celebrated the victory in front of our representative Milan Bubnič by just four hundredths of a second after the second run. After the first run, he was a little more than two seconds behind the first place, but on the second he did his best and reduced the gap to 0.046 seconds.

Among other Slovenian representatives, Miha Prek celebrated the victory in Division 1, and Marko Grossi was also the fastest in his division.

GHD Čabar 2015 total:

1. Istvan KAVECZ, BMW E90 M3 6: 20,497
2. Milan BUBNIC, Lancia Delta Integrale +0,046
3. Siniša KRAINC, Ford Escort RS +2,644
4. Michele BUIATTI, Mitsubishi EVO IX +8,565
5. Đani VARLJEN, Honda Civic Type R +12,645
6. Damir MASIC, Mitsubishi EVO IX + 13,663
7. Franz ROIDER, Ford Mondeo MSC +14,548
8. Laszlo HERNADI, Mitsubishi Evo VIII +15,122
9. Christopher NEUMAYR, Ford NPM +16,089
10. Nicolas REITER, Ford Escort +20,861
12. Peter MARC, Mitsubishi EVO IX +26,237
14. Aleš PREK, Honda Civic Type R +30,597
26. Miha PREK, Honda Civic Type R +47,095
30. Marko GROSSI, Citroen AX +55,155
45. Patrick LEBAN, Zastava Yugo +1: 22,616

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