Jorge Martin: I was number 1 this weekend

Author of the article: , published on May 12, 2024.

Jorge Martin is sure that by winning the best starting position in the MotoGP qualifiers, as well as the victory in the sprint and the Sunday race for the French GP, he sent a clear enough message to the leading men of Ducati.

Martin had to hand over the race lead to Bagna at the start of the race, but in the closing laps, as Marc Marquez closed in on them, he picked up the pace and overtook the Italian, who was then overtaken by Marquez on the last lap.

"This is the fourth time I have set a new lap record and won both races. It's not easy and you have to be in good shape, so I'm very happy. Even on Thursday, I did not expect that I would be able to achieve such a result. I didn't get the start, but the ride behind Pecco was actually welcome as I was able to study his ride and count laps to meet the tire pressure criteria as he was a bit lower when driving in the lead in these conditions. I believed I could be faster and with seven or eight laps to go I felt it was the right moment to attack. I failed the first time as I was a bit too long and he was able to overtake backwards, but on the second attempt I managed a perfect pass. I took a risk by braking a little later and it worked. The last five laps were very long for me. I tried to drive faster, but the race was already quite long and I was tired, the conditions were made even more difficult by the wind, but I managed to create a small lead.”

The Spaniard was left without a factory seat after last season, for which he is competing again this year. After the performance in Le Mans, he is sure that he has shown clearly enough who is the best racer in MotoGP. “I kept saying to myself 'who is number one? Who is number one? And this weekend I was absolutely number one. I'm very happy about that and it's a great feeling to beat Marc and Pecc. You're both extraordinary champions, but I'm not yet, so I'm really happy about today's outcome."

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