Jack Miller resigned because of the "lost" Ducati

Author of the article: , published March 7, 2022.

Jack Miller explained that he resigned in the race for the Qatar Grand Prix at the Lusail racetrack due to problems with engine electronics. The Australian finished qualifying in fourth place and promised a fight for the podium, but after the start of the race there were problems that caused him to fall to sixth in the first lap and then all the way to sixteenth.

A Ducati racer revealed that there was an error in the synchronization of the electronics, which lost information about the actual location of the motorcycle on the track. The teams program the control electronics according to the location on the track, so that full throttle in the curved part of the track means a different way of accelerating than on the planes. Miller said that when accelerating in corners, the unit jerked out all the power, and on the planes he added it gradually.

“There was something wrong with the engine from the start,” Miller said. “The engine was lost, so to speak. On some weird parts of the track I had 100% strength and on the planes I was without. On the way out of the last turn, I had to shift into fourth gear, so everyone easily overtook me. I was sure someone would run into my ass because I was so slow. ”

Miller explained that he tried everything from changing motor folders to shutting down the system. “In one lap I got a full burst of power in the middle of corners. Sure, I had the gas open, but I didn’t expect such shocks. Fearing a collision, because I was so slow on the way out of the last turn, I decided it was better to finish the race. ”

At Ducati, they know what went wrong, and Miller hopes the problem won’t happen again.

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