Jack Miller described the rivals as princesses who only complain

Author of the article: , published on June 18, 2023.

Jack Miller said after the MotoGP race for the German Grand Prix that some competitors are princesses who throw the toys out of the crib and just complain about their bikes. "We're the only ones at KTM who don't complain about our bikes and we're actually still trying to improve them," said the Australian, who finished sixth in Germany, behind five Ducati riders.

“All they do is throw the toys out of the crib and say their engine sucks. Simple as that. But why is it bad? Because they fired 99% of the engineers so he could bring his own and now they're in such trouble that they can't drive a single lap. So they have themselves to blame. Everyone would just complain about the engines and no one would do anything to fix it. Just shut up and do your job. You get paid to ride a motorcycle, not to be a princess who complains about a motorcycle,” Miller was blunt.

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