Irvine: Ferrari has to follow team orders already in Imola

Author of the article: , published April 17, 2022

Eddie Irvine believes that Ferrari should use team orders at this part of the season. With two wins and second place after the third race of the season, Charles Leclerc gained a 34-point advantage over the currently surprisingly second Georg Russell.

Carlos Sainz, on the other hand, has not yet fully made friends with the new car and is 38 points behind his team rival.

Leclerc's most likely biggest contender for the title, Max Verstappen, has 46 points less after two resignations. Despite the problems with the reliability of their powertrain, Red Bull proved in the first races that they have a very competitive car. If they fix these problems, they can be serious candidates for both titles.

That is why Irvine believes that his former team should already use team commands to prevent Sainz from taking away points from Monaco.

“Sainz is a clear number 2 at Ferrari, but Charles could be in trouble as there will be races when the Spaniard is ahead of him,” the Northern Irishman told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“If I were Mattia Binotto, I would already give clear instructions to the racers. Beating Max is extremely difficult in itself, but if the racers take away points, it's even harder. "

"Perez, on the other hand, can't endanger Max under normal conditions."

He emphasized that the relationship between the Ferrari racers, who are currently very friendly, could quickly cool down using team commands.

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