Will insurance companies kill motorsport in the European Union?

Author of the article: , published on October 12, 2017.

The Association of the Motorsports Industry warns that on 20 October this year, all motorsports in the European Union would end due to the crisis in the insurance market. In September 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union issued a directive that in all 27 Member States it is compulsory to insure any vehicle, in any location to which it belongs, you will not believe, including tractor mowers, as well as work machines and racing cars, even on private land. such as dedicated racetracks.

The banality of bureaucrats goes so deep that the procedure in the event of a collision of two vehicles on a racetrack would be exactly the same as in a traffic accident on civilian roads, and according to this principle it should be treated in exactly the same way by the police.

Chris Aylett, Executive Director of the MIA (Motorsport Industry Association), therefore called on all employers and employees in the industry to respond to the European Union directive, and also offers a guide on how to file your response or complaint.

“The threat is real,” Aylett warned. "It's not a mistake, it could destroy all motorsport in the European Union. I filed the complaint in order to protect jobs in our industry. If you are employed in it and want to keep the job, call your employer to appeal, by October 20th. There is a possibility to add to the said law that it applies only in road transport, so we must support the addition of this possibility, ”added Aylett.

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