INSTAGRAM reveals the actual time of the agreement between RED BULL and PEREZ

Author of the article: , published on December 20, 2020.

The decision to Sergio Perez in the 2021 season raced for Red Bull, was officially communicated on Friday. But contract was probably concluded much earlier. This is pointed out by at least some posts on social networks people involved.

That's right Christian horner, team boss Red Bull, on the day of publication, therefore 18. December, posted a photo of himself on Instagram, Laziness in Helmut Mark. And whoever was lucky enough to be in the famous W-Hotel v Abu Dhabi, will recognize the curtain in the background and that this photo was taken right there.

Brat Sergio Pereza however, he had previously published a photo from his car, which says a lot, because next to the rearview mirror is right can of Red Bull. This photo was taken on Monday, no later than Tuesday after the finale in Abu Dhabi. Probably in the background is the fact that at that time everything was already arranged between his brother Sergio and team Red Bull. Horner said Friday that "today”Informed so Laziness as well as Albon, which is of course contrary to the times of posts on social networks. Unless it's a photo Horner, Brand in Laziness formed only because the three met by chance in the said hotel.

It is also a very interesting example that it is Perez as early as Monday, 14. December, so the day after the final race in Abu Dhabi, posted a photo on Instagram showing changing helmets with Sebastian Vettl, to his successors in the team Racing Point or Aston Martin next year. Apparently this photo was also taken in W-Hotel and even more interesting is that Perez she wears the same clothes as in the photo she has Horner published four days later. After all, it is completely irrelevant when something was agreed and signed. In fact, it is Albon moved to a spare bench and Perez he got the opportunity he had been dreaming of for years.

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Horner explain that he was Albon understandably disappointed when the team’s decision was communicated to him. “He was also incredibly mature. Grateful for the opportunity and support he has had this year and determined to reappear in the 2022 game for the permanent racer. Sergio felt a great deal of relief." Mexican has largely come to terms with a one-year break or even the end of his career in Formulas 1, which made the joy so much greater now.

By the way, on Instagram he also posted his photo Nico Hulkenberg, who also hoped to seat at Red Bull. Popular Hulk posted a photo on the beach showing him with forks in hands in wheelbarrow full of grass and dirt, with a view directed into the distance. He also added: Plan B.   

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