The fastest Swiss Ducommun in training

Author of the article: , published September 15, 2013.

At the 32nd Buzet Days in Buzet, Croatia, the fastest Swiss Julien Ducommun was in training, who covered the 5-kilometer course with an Osella FA 30 with a time of 2: 17.957, leaving behind the Czech Miloš Beneš and Otokar Kramski.

Ducommun missed the first training session due to technical problems on the car.

The Buzet Festival of Speed ​​started on Friday with a racing parade, and on Saturday 261 racers from twelve countries trained. 213 vehicles competed, including promotional racing cars, go-karts and front cars. As a result, the first workout lasted almost four hours and the second a little over three. The action was interrupted several times, once a little longer due to a spilled oil left on the track by Gianfranco Muzio. Czech Martin Šipek was very lucky, as he managed to stop safely at the side of the road after his steering wheel broke on his car.

Of the Slovenians, Patrik Zajelšnik was the fastest overall, and in the national championship, the three fastest were Rado Raspet ahead of Milan Bubnič and Aleš Preko.

Organizers say that about two thousand people watched the trainings, and today there are two competitive races on the schedule.


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