Only one more Friday workout in the future?

Author of the article: , published on June 6, 2014.

The racing weekend of the Formula One caravan is expected to be shortened by one Friday's free practice next season. The already traditional Thursday talks of the racers with the press are expected to take place on Friday morning in the future, and in the afternoon the teams and racers would do only one free practice and not two, as is the custom now. With this, the team's staff, at least in theory, would arrive at the racetrack a day later than usual, which would save the teams money on travel and hotel accommodation.

The idea of ​​canceling one training session is supposed to be part of the measures they intend to reduce costs in Formula One, as the budgets of smaller teams are too small to be able to compete with larger teams.

The advantages of the measure are not in the financial field, but also in the number of spectators, as potential spectators would not have to take the whole day off to watch free training.

The teams support the proposal, so its introduction is only a matter of time and approval by the FIE Sports Council.

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