Red Bull will win in Monaco

Author of the article: , published April 7, 2014


Despite the difficult times currently being spent by his former Red Bull Racing team, Mark Webber has announced that the team owned by the Austrian energy drink manufacturer will soon be able to cope with the currently more powerful Mercedes race cars.

“They will return to the level of Mercedes. They need some time, but that's perfectly normal, ”said Webber, who raced for Red Bull for seven years. “You can’t win 15 years in a row. Everyone says they’re not strong as they finish races in second or third place, and Red Bull has already won a lot. But I am sure that they will be able to win this year as well. We will only see if there are enough victories for the title, as it all depends on how many points Mercedes will score in the first part of the season, ”added the Australian.

After the victories in Melbourne and Sepang, Bahrain seemed to have even more powerful Mercedes cars, which was only due to the power of Mercedes engines, which comes to the fore on the planes, so Red Bull is looking for a chance to win on slow tracks.

“Mercedes will dominate a few more races, but Red Bull will win in Monaco,” Webber announced.

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