In Melbourne, they want new contracts

Author of the article: , published on August 28, 2013.

Minister Victoria Louse Asher has given the green light to begin negotiations to extend the contract with Bernie Eccleston. Otherwise, Melbourne still has two years left, as the contract expires only at the end of 2015, so we will see at least two more big prizes.

“I have instructed Ron Walker, the association’s Grand Prix leader, to start talks with Eccleston about a new contract,” confirmed Asher, who added, “Actually, we’re in no hurry as we have a contract for two more races. In addition, the government will not sign anything that will not be enough for taxpayers ’money.” So Asher believes the race for the Victoria Grand Prix is ​​very important, but CEO Andrew Westacott on the other hand warns that money is not everything: “When we contract signed for the first time, we only had one more venue for the grand prize in Asia, Japan.

And now there are seven others, so we jumped in at the right time. Above all, we compete heavily with race time at five in the afternoon. This means that the whole of Europe is watching us at their breakfast. They want street racing in Bangkok, which is why I believe we will compete with them, Abu Dhabi and Singapore. "

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