Limit the number of tires in the ERC

Author of the article: , published on May 28, 2013.

The organizers of the European Rally Championship ERC have reduced the number of sets of tires available to racers. So far, the consumption of tires has not been limited, so the best or wealthiest teams could use any number of new tires, which for racers and teams with a smaller budget meant that they are even further away from the top.

From the Ypres Rally onwards, racers will be able to use 20 tires for each rally, and four more will be available for training and qualifying. The organizers also banned additional incision of the profile on the tires.

Francois Ribiero, the sporting boss of the promoter of the ERC Eurosport Event, said this was a necessary move to prevent a headless increase in costs. “The ERC rules around tires have been very wasteful. We still want open competition among rubberists, but we had to do something to drastically reduce team costs. So far, with six new tires allowed in each service area, some teams have used 36 to 42 tires for 250 kilometers of speed trials, which is nonsensical from an economic point of view, given how durable the new tires are, ”he said.

The new rules will thus apply for the rest of the 2013 season, and they will take a closer look at the rules before deciding on the rules for next season.

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