Only two stops in Monaco

Author of the article: , published on May 22, 2013.

One of the most prestigious races of the Formula One season, the Monaco Grand Prix, is on the agenda this weekend. The Italian tire manufacturer has prepared soft and super soft tires for this racing weekend, which according to the first predictions, the racers are expected to change only twice per race. So we won't see (too) many stops in the next race, but only two due to the very slow street track.

Even though the track doesn’t allow for exactly high speeds, tires will be very important. Namely, it is not possible to overtake, which will make stops crucial, and as has been said in recent days, this could also be the only option for overtaking. Most people in the world of Formula One are betting on the fastest Mercedes, which did best in this year's qualifying rounds, but burned out in the races. Either way, Mercedes will most likely be the favorites with the fastest qualifying time, but tire wear and stop time will play a key role.

Motor sports director Pirelli Paul Hembery says: “In Monaco, we expect an average of two stops per race car. Here, unlike Barcelona, ​​a very slow track awaits us, which wears out the tires a bit. Of course, this does not mean that racers will be less strategic, as we have seen many different strategies in recent years, but in the end they have proven to be very similar. Let's wait for the end of the racing weekend, I believe we will see a lot of different beats and also overtaking, especially at stops. "

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