Humar started best in Maribor

Author of the article: , published July 4, 2014.

The Maribor Rally, the fourth race of this year's Slovenian national championship, was best started by Aleks Humar (renault clio R3), who also won last year. Humar was the fastest on the Koroški most speed test, which returned to the competition program and which we were able to see for the first time in the transmission over the Internet.

Humar and co-driver Florjan Rus completed the six-kilometer course in four minutes and 15 seconds. Darko Peljhan (mitsubishi lancer evo 10), who competed today for the first time this season, was three tenths slower.

Among the performers, we missed Asja Zupanc, who was probably breathing down the neck of the phantom. The third time was set by Gerald Rigler (mitsubishi lancer evo3) from Austria, followed by Friderik Vajnhandl (renault clio R3), Jani Trček (mitsubishi lancer evo 9) and Rok Turk (peugeot 208 R2).

Racers will have a much harder day tomorrow, as they will have to pass eight speed trials. Meljski hrib, Gačnik, Svečina and Gajem will be on the program twice, and tomorrow starts at 9:30 and ends shortly after 19 pm on Trg svobode in Maribor.

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