In 2021, we expect three generations of Trčkov to race

Author of the article: , published on November 30, 2020.

Klemen Trček (MG Zr 105) and Nejc Trček (Renault twingo cup) they successfully completed the 2020 season. The season was greatly shortened this year and took place with harsh measures due to the virus. Edina mountain - speed race in Slovenia she was in Ilirski Bistrica, which was also subject to very poor conditions (rain, fog, storm). The second race, which was considered the points of the Slovenian DP, took place in Italy (Cheddar), where each race was counted separately.

Nejc Trček, 17 years old, performed in many tests and successfully broke the racing ice with a performance in Ilirska Bistrica. He did not get a license to race in Italy, as he does not yet have a driving test.

“The ice is broken, I competed in my first race in Ilirska Bistrica. It was there that I drove a race car for the first time in the rain, and with a personal car I had only a few 10 kilometers done after the restrictions. I finished 4th in the Under-21 Championship. I also did quite a few kilometers on tests, and in Novi Marof in Croatia I was the best among the twins, ”Said Nejc, who will be the youngest member of the Trček family in the 2021 season with a new car. He and his father Klemen are expected to be joined in the races after a long break from turning the racing steering wheel by his father Dane, who in recent years has played the role of a racing official, before which he successfully competed in the national autocross championship.

“In the 2021 season, I have a plan to take the entire DP to GHD with a MG zr 105 car. The wish for 2021 is also to take at least 1 race of all three generations of“ Trčkov ”. I would like to thank the Lema Racing team (Jak Marinšek) for a lot of instructions, sponsors and family and friends! ”

Klemen Trček, who returned last year after a long hiatus, drove a car with a team sequence for the first time this year Dark Racing Team and quickly fell in love with him. For the 2021 season, as he says, he still has "outstanding bills" with him.

“In the 2020 season, we competed with the extremely competitive MG ZR 105 car of the Mrak Racing Team. The first two races in Skradin in Croatia and in Ilirska Bistrica, after encouraging times in training, unfortunately ended with resignations, due to technical problems of the car. In the last two races in Cheddar, Italy, the car was obeyed and we managed to win two other places. Despite the pitch at the start of the season, we ended up winning third place in Division 1 in the championship. I have to be happy with the season as I have been driving a race car with a sequential gearbox for the first time in my career and I have to say you fall in love with it quickly and find it hard to go back to the classics. Of course, there are still unpaid bills from this season between me and the car, so at least in the 2021 season I will remain in Division 1 with the same car of the excellent Mrak Racing Team. I hope that the situation with the corona virus calms down so that in the coming season we can take the entire championship in the first place with the home race GHD Lučine. Thanks go to all the sponsors, the family and of course the Mrak Racing Team, for the financial, technical and moral support. See you at the first race of the 2021 season, hopefully without masks and full of spectators… ”

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