In 2014, key engine life

Author of the article: , published July 2, 2013.

Luca Marmorini believes that motorcycles and their lifespan will play a key role next season. As we know, in 2014 we will see for the first time 1,6 forced-powered V6 engines, of which each racer will have only five available per season. Due to the limitations and completely new technology in the world of Formula One, Ferrari engine boss Luca Marmorini believes that the key to success will be played by the lifespan of the engines.

"Next year, the key will be the durability of the units, which will make the biggest difference at the end of the season," says Luca, who adds: "we are talking about about 4 to 5 thousand kilometers per engine, which is almost twice as much as now." changing the engine in the coming season will mean moving to the beginning of the starting line, otherwise "only" 10 places of the surcharge will be allowed to replace up to six parts of the engine. "

Of course, five engines per season is not enough, but this is a plan only for the first year of these new engines, in the next only four should be available. Marmorini adds that the idea of ​​dividing the engines into a turbine compressor, an internal combustion engine and an electronic unit, which he would have every five and change between them: those at the start carried over the lag to the next race. So, if I had the luck in the qualifications, it would still be better to drive with, for example, five engines and not change it for a new one, because I would start the next race lower. "

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