Humar an incredible victory at Lavanttal

Author of the article: , published April 13, 2014

The current champions Aleks Humar and co-driver Florjan Rus celebrated at the opening rally of this year's season of the Slovenian national championship. Humar and Rus secured a favorable advantage over their rivals in the first eight speed trials. The closest follower Rok Turk was one minute and 27 seconds behind. At first glance, Humar's smooth victory seemingly slipped out of the hands of the current champion in the ninth test, where he punctured the tire. The driver of the Clia continued to the finish of the test and lost a minute and nine seconds, but driving with a flat tire damaged the brake hose, which required an additional 50 seconds of loss on the next test, as the champion was logically annoyed by the brakes.

When the damaged tube was finally replaced, however, Humar's lag behind the Turk two tests before the end of the rally seemed too great. In the penultimate stage, Humar lost another 6 seconds against Turk and it seemed that the Turk - Ložnar crew would stand on the highest podium for the first time, as they had a 49 second advantage. But fate showed its cruel side and a minor slippage ensured a new turnaround. Turk, like Humar before him, cut the tire and lost almost a minute and 18 seconds in the last test, thus handing over the winning trophy to Humar, who celebrated with a good 28 seconds advantage.

The third was Alan Pajk with co-driver Jako Cevec.

In the overall standings of the rally, the victory was celebrated by the Austrian Gerwald Grossing.

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