Hulkenberg in Malaysia with a new chassis

Author of the article: , published March 18, 2013.


Nico Hulkenberg will take to the race in Malaysia with the new chassis of the C32 race car after the Sauber team decided to return his original to the factory in Hinville for a thorough inspection. Just before the race for the Australian Grand Prix, a fuel supply fault was discovered on the Hulkenberg race car, which led them to decide that the German would not take part in the race.

This is the third time that the German in Melbourne has failed to drive a single lap in the race. “I’m outraged by what happened, but at the same time I’m not blaming anyone,” Nico said. “In racing, these things just happen. What bothers me the most is that I ran out of mileage behind the wheel, which is even more important at the beginning of the season. By appearing in the race, I would get very valuable data for the next races.

Melbourne is obviously cursed to me. This was already my third race here and for the third time I am leaving the venue empty-handed. The only good thing is that the next race is already this weekend, ”said Hulkenberg.

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