Hulkenberg as an alternative to Raikkonen's seat at Ferrari

Author of the article: , published July 2, 2015.

In the Formula One world, there is a lot of speculation in the media these days about Kimi Raikkonen's future in the Ferrari team, but the question is who will take his seat if the Italian team does not renew his contract. In the game is Daniel Ricciardo, who could rejoin Vettl as a teammate. There was even talk of Fernando Alonso returning, or hiring Jenson Butten, but that would cost Ferrari a lot more than hiring a younger racer, as David Coulthard suggested: “If I had to choose, I would choose a younger racer.

Kimi is very popular with fans, even when he is criticized, he is criticized himself. ” On the other hand, Helmut Marko of Red Bull says Ricciardo is theirs and Bottas is Williams. Buying Bottas is not supposed to be so impossible, but it would take as much as $ 20 million, which is why Nico Hulkenberg is currently the most serious candidate.

Hulki recently proved himself by winning the 24-hour race at Le Mans, and as he says, he reopened the door: “I have shown that I can be fast and that I can win with a fast car. I just need a chance like I had at Le Mans. I don't know what will come out of this, but I showed what kind of test I am. ” Gerhard Berger also believes that Hulkenberg would be the best choice: "If I had chosen, I would have chosen Hulkenberg, at least I would have offered him a chance."

Photos: Force India

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