Horner will talk to Vettl again

Christian horner
Author of the article: , published March 25, 2013.

Sebastian Vettel angered his bosses at yesterday’s Malaysian Grand Prix as, despite orders, he attacked and overtook teammate Mark Webber, who had previously reduced engine speeds as agreed before the start of the race.

Webber didn't want to be on the podium at all after the race, but the team convinced him to do so in time. However, after the race behind a closed-door table, Vettel, Webber and the head of the Horner team talked, where the latter says that another conversation with Vettl follows: “We have talked about this once before, but now we will wait a bit to the tension calms down, followed by another individual conversation. ”

More than Vettl's action, the question arises about the possible personal resentment of both racers, where Horner says: “They are both racers and are paid to race and do their best to get the best possible result. In the last five years, we have achieved great success in this way, but we have also had several minor problems with both racers. Let’s say 2010 in Istanbul, or last year in the last race when Webber put pressure on Vettl despite warnings. Such is the racing and the life of racers who have racing in their blood. ”

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