Horner: Latifi will get a lifetime supply of Red Bull

Author of the article: , published on December 13, 2021.

Christian Horner admitted after the race that he has a lot of credit for Max’s title car safety car. He drove onto the track after Nicholas Latifi crashed into a guardrail in lap 53. This allowed Red Bull to call Verstappn to change tires. The Dutchman took advantage of the new soft tires and overtook Lewis Hamilton in the last lap and won his first world title.

The Canadian crash ultimately proved to be the key moment of the race. Before that, it seemed that no one could stop Hamilton's march towards the record eighth world title. After the controversial race, Horner joked that Latifi deserved a lifetime supply of their energy drink for his move.

“Nicholas will get a lifetime supply of Red Bull. I can assure you of that. ”

As he admitted, he already knew during the race that they needed a miracle to succeed, as the Dutchman had no answer to the extraordinary rhythm of Lewis Hamilton. Despite the fact that he started the race on harder tires, he took the lead at the start and then did not look back.

"It simply came to our notice then. I think we also deserved it given the events of the season. We had a lot of pitch in Silverstone, Budapest and Baku, which turned today. ”

Horner also reminded of the exceptional run of Sergio Perez, who managed to keep the Briton behind for some time and offered his teammate a new opportunity after a bad start.

“Checo did an outstanding job today, especially in the first half, when it slowed Hamilton down. Then, at the end of the race, we got another kiss of happiness in the form of a loyal car. Despite the luck, it must be admitted that Max fully deserved this title in terms of performances this season. "

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