Honda's wings in the second attempt legally

MotoGP: Honda managed to homologate the wings in the second attempt
Author of the article: , published March 30, 2019.

Honda tried again on Friday to homologate the wings, similar to Ducati’s, after MotoGP technical director Danny Aldridge denied the wing’s legality the day before. Honda openly admitted on Thursday that it was a vacuum-generating wing, so Aldridg said it was not in line with the rules, but in a second attempt, they stated a different purpose of the wing and apparently got permission to use it. Honda can now use the wings on its motorcycle, and at the same time they have also managed, which seems to have been their intention, to show the flaws of the current way of controlling the rules in the MotoGP class.

At the race in Qatar, Ducati mounted wings on three of its motorcycles in front of the rear tire, against which Honda, Aprilia, Suzuki and KTM filed a protest. At Ducati, they claimed that the accessory only serves to cool the rear tire and not to take advantage of the aerodynamic effect. The latter rules prohibit, but four teams appealed against the rejection of the protest, as they were convinced the wings were creating a vacuum and therefore should not be allowed.

Photos: Honda

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