HELMUT MARKO about the 2021 season: No more excuses!

Author of the article: , published on December 25, 2020.

In a conversation on Austrian television Servus TV, where word was circulating about the end of the season, is Helmut Marko issued some interesting behind-the-scenes insights into the team Red Bull. The Austrian also spoke about development young racers in their program.

About a one - year contract for Sergio Pereza said: “If one of our young racers really stands out, we would have the option for 2022 to bring a young racer back to Formula 1. Now we have with Yuki Tsunoda after many years again a Japanese in Formula 1 who is very fast. We also have an Estonian and an Indian (Vips and Daruval). We have a lot of good people and in the lower series other racers from all possible countries."

At the same time, the Red Bull offspring include:      

Yuri Vips (EST), Formula 2

Jack Doohan (AVS), Formula 3

Dennis Hauger (N), Formula 3

Jonny Edgar (UK), Formula 4

Liam Lawson (AVS), Formula 3

Jean Daruvala (IND), Formula 2

Igor Fraga (BR), Formula 3

Jak Crawford (USA), Formula 4

Ukyo Sasahara (J), Super Formula

Helmut Marko pointed out that there are no more excuses for Red Bull in the 2021 season, which means that the team is aiming for the title next year.

Austrian continues: “It is not always possible to ensure an uninterrupted supply of talent for Formula 1, but if others had such results with their successors, they would be very satisfied. On top of that, it should be added that even those racers who did not come to Formula 1 earn their money through racing, that is, the activity they love."

About the season 2021 za Red Bull, p Marko says: “We have withdrawn our lesson, there are no more excuses. The engine will be significantly more powerful. Everything Honda has promised so far has also been fulfilled. We are seeing significant progress here. The technique of the race cars will not be significantly different. Our entire package, however, has developed well over the course of this year."  

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