Haas with a new body

Author of the article: , published March 28, 2016.

After a major collision with Fernando Alonso in the first race of the year in Australia, the Haas team has prepared a new, modified body for its racer Esteban Gutierrez, which the young Mexican will be able to use in the next race in Bahrain this weekend.

Alonso ran into the race car of this year’s new team from behind and so they both had to finish the first race of the year early.

"Some parts, including the chassis itself, have been sent back to Europe for final inspection, as we do not have to carry out these procedures in Bahrain. We have enough parts with us to assemble a new, improved body and use it in the next race. At the moment, we will repair it and use it as a reserve, ”explained team owner Günther Steiner.

The Austrian praised his teammates on this occasion. “The boys had to and still have to work days and nights to be able to repeat the success from Australia. Obviously, we chose good individuals who would rather deal with solutions than problems. This is how we achieve high quality work, "he said, praising the team owners for his mechanics.

Despite the accident of one driver, the team was very happy with their first race in Australia, as their racer Romain Grosjean was sixth at the end and later named the best racer of the race by Formula 1 fans.

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