Hamilton has never been happier

Author of the article: , published April 21, 2014

The Mercedes racer, who won his third consecutive victory at the Chinese Grand Prix last weekend and thus reduced the gap behind teammate Nico Rosberg to just four points, currently feels happiest: “I don’t remember ever feeling happier. Behind me is simply an amazing racing weekend. Already on Saturday I drove fantastic qualifiers where I didn’t expect it to be the way it was.

I also started the race great and led it from start to finish. The team has done a fantastic job, I get along great with the people around me, which makes me feel very at home in the team this year. With this, of course, I also get the most out of the engineers and I believe that we have set the car as much as possible. "

Of course, Hamilton made many strides even outside of racing life, which helped him on the track. Thus, for example, the Englishman o, enil, family, companion, where he lives and simply where he is in life: “Everything has fallen into place. My life has somehow stabilized, I have the right people around me in the right places. My management also works as needed, because when I get on the track I just drive, not to deal with other things. Last but not least, I also have a great race car driver, with a great group of people who work with me. "

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