Hamilton is now seen fighting for the title

Author of the article: , published July 2, 2013.

Lewis Hamilton believes that with his team Mercedes will soon get involved in the fight for this year's title, after his teammate won the British Grand Prix. Hamilton’s chances of winning were blown away when his tire exploded while he was leading the race in Silverstone, but the fact that he was then able to make his way back to fourth place by the end of the race gives him a clear sign that Mercedes has solved its problems. tire wear. The 2008 season champion is confident they can even start putting pressure on Red Bull.

“Nico and our team won, and together we collected a lot of points,” Hamilton said. We are in second place among constructors, which is a big plus. I am 43 points behind Vettl and we have a good race car, and we are still improving. Just look at how we have improved in the field of tire wear, ”said the Mercedes racer, who is still waiting for his first victory this year. “I’m looking forward to the upcoming races. I am sure that my time for celebration will also come. ”