Hamilton: Too bad we won't be allowed to test

Author of the article: , published on June 26, 2013.


Lewis Hamilton says it’s a shame his Mercedes team won’t be allowed to take part in a test of young racers to be held in Silverstone. Mercedes underwent a three-day test with Pirelli after the Spanish Grand Prix, in violation of the Formula One sports rules. Due to the violation, the international court issued a reprimand and banned them from participating in the testing of young racers.

Both competitors and the sports public called the punishment a ridiculous bar, but Hamilton says the ban will thwart their plans.

“Testing is very important for the season as it is the only testing. It’s important because we had a lot of things in the plan. Testing is also very important for racers, as they test the tires in the simulator and get a picture of how the car actually behaves. This helps in the development of the car in the simulator and the simulator itself. We will definitely lose something with this, but we will have to find a way to make up for what we lost, ”said Hamilton.

The Briton claims that he tried to distance himself from the hearing of the international court, but admitted that everyone in the team was relieved when they found out about the sentence, which was otherwise proposed to the court by their lawyer. “I didn’t want to waste energy in that direction. When I met the team over the weekend, I saw that everyone was relieved. Especially since they were able to keep working and focus on the next race. I am happy myself.

We did our job well. We are in a good position, but if we manage to get even better, it will be so much better. Everyone on the team worked hard to be able to achieve the results we achieved this season, so we really didn’t want a negative outcome in court, ”Hamilton said.

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